OP für Byron Leonel Polo Lopez (English)

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Byron was our first protégé and the kick-start project of Specula 6 years ago. Since childbirth, he has suffered from epilepsy, which has had an impact on his day-to-day life. Back then, we were able to pay for a specialized medical examination, which determined which kind of specific epilepsy he suffered. Thanks to this, he was prescribed the specific medication he needs.

Recently we received a letter from his doctor, where he confirmed us that in order for Byron to be completely healed of epilepsy problems, he would require a special operation. Sadly, this operation is for Byron and his family as well as for us not possible to finance currently. This is why we are reaching out for special donations for this cause. Let us together help Byron have a brighter epilepsy-free future. 

Lasst uns als Gemeinschaft Byron eine neue Perspektive geben.