René Tomás Cuy López

Dear members and interested people!
We can announce again that we have been given the opportunity to help a great person. Everything went so fast and our membership fees were sufficient to complete everything immediately. Thanks for that!

René Tomás Cuy López is 37 years old and lives in Guatemala with his wife and four children.
He worked as a kitchen helper and needed our help for his education to properly finance his family.
In Guatemala, the form of training to cook does not exist as we know it in Germany. There are several costly seminars to be held, which makes you a chef.

In order to bring René further, we financed his contributions with three of these seminars as well as all necessary course materials and utensils such as books, knives, apron and a chef’s jacket.

Since our specula protégés do not live far apart, today we combine our projects.
Francisco Garcia got a sewing machine from us at that time. Now Francisco decorated the new René chef’s jacket with our Specula logo.

We think it’s great that the two support each other and are very grateful to be a part of it.
We wish all the best to René and hope for many delicious recipes from him!

What’s next?
We, the board, of Specula is already looking for something new and looking for new tasks! News follow!